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Antico Casale Montemarano


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Antico Casale also organizes events full of fun

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Passion and quality

The cooks of the Antico Casale, carefully study both the dishes of our traditions, methods and recipes for state of the art to provide the best of both worlds, a dive into the flavors of the past and in the quality modern. We stock from the best breeders and growers in the area to bring to the table tasty and healthy in a comfortable environment, with a paper of wines of prim' order and the extensive menu of desserts from our Chef. Family atmosphere, friendly and attentive service and a competitive price make the Antico Casale a key event with the signature cuisine and the best culinary traditions.
Please contact us via e-mail for phone 08271812203 or visit the restaurant directly to see firsthand the quality and goodness of our dishes and reserve a table.

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Many of our customers returning to us year on year and it is the best business card possible for our business and its quality.

Homemade sweets

a great



prepared by us

Do you want to combine relaxation, spectacular nature and lots of good food?

L' Antico Casale is the place for you.

The raw materials personally selected by the Chef

to ensure quality and goodness

Hinner hall

Inner Hall

cosy and family

The best dishes of traditional cuisine and innovative in a comfortable environment with great cordiality and sympathy. From Antico Casale you will find original recipes that renew tastes and flavors of the kitchen-recipe: high-quality raw materials worked by the best chef for the offer on the table, a riot of freshness and delight.
Come visit us for lunch or dinner in peace with your friends enjoying unique dishes and selected wines of local producers.



celebrates a recurrence

Next to the daily activity the Antico Casale is ready to meet your every need how can you relate communions, banquets and any other event and party, putting its kitchens and chef at your service to arrange the menu that can meet your needs. Family atmosphere, friendly and attentive service and competitive prices make anticocasale a key event with the signature cuisine and the best culinary traditions. Agrees with our personal the best solution for your wedding, banquet or any other type of special party, customized solutions for all pockets and all tastes.

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The Ancient country house has indoor and outdoor areas to ensure you get the maximum space in theorganization of the lunch of your ceremony or for any type of party and event.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange with the staff and the cooks the best solutions regarding the menu and the logistics. You will have the opportunity to customize the choice of the dishes according to your needs and tastes, a wide selection of the best wines and sparkling wines of the best local wine cellars and are available to you, our pastry chef for a delicious cake with which to conclude the event.

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